Athens Storm Clean-up

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Some residents in Athens spent Sunday cleaning up after storms left some of them without power and others with uprooted trees.

On Henderson Avenue, one tree came crashing down at around 5:15 Sunday morning, missing one home, but hitting the house next door. The 50 foot tree caused damage to the home's porch, but fortunately no one was injured. "When I went out to get the newspaper, I thought something happened," said Barbara Mattes. Mattes lives across the street and alerted her neighbor to what had happened. 

Springdale Street was closed Sunday as crews worked to remove down trees and Georgia Power worked to restore power to thousands of customers left without electricity. "Heading to church this morning and there is a tree in the middle of the parking lot and I could not get out," said Michael Judge, whose apartment complex was blocked by the fallen trees. 

Many residents say they were surprised by the debris and damage when they woke up Sunday morning because they did not hear the overnight storms.