Athens man arrested for animal cruelty

Athens-Clarke County Police arrested man for animal cruelty last week.

Quindars Williams, 26, was charged after he surrendered his three pit bull-terrier mixes to authorities on March 7 after reaching a plea deal about the dog’s previous care.

Police said the three dogs suffered from horrible conditions, were severely underweight, malnourished, and parasite infested. Authorities said the conditions were so bad one of the dogs had to be put down.

The Clarke County Attorney’s Office said they were trying to work with Williams since Nov. 2, 2018, on resolving an issue of illegally chaining the dogs in the backyard of his home located along Carver Drive and not keeping up with the dog’s rabies vaccinations.

Attorneys said they before his court appearance, Williams had cutback access for court officials to check on the welfare of the dogs. He eventually took a plea deal for probation only in the previous case before handed over the dogs saying he couldn’t properly care for them.

No word on his next court appearance date.