Ariz. couple with nine kids adopts five more

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An Arizona couple with nine children decided to make their family a little bigger this year by adopting five more! 

Four years ago, five brothers and sisters needed a home. That's when Marci and Will Thomas stepped in to foster them. 

"They came twice, but the last time they came, some of them were barefoot," said Marci Thomas. "They said, 'we need to come back to your house.'"

The Queen Creek couple went to Mesa family court and made it official. 

"We're getting adopted," said little Lazer, one of the five siblings. 

"It's nuts," said Mrs. Thomas. "We've got a lot of teens and these little guys too so it's never boring, our house is never boring." 

Their house is never boring, and never lacking for love. 

"We just love family. It's all about that for us," said Mr. Thomas. "We just love family." 

Not all nine kids live at home with the parents. Two of them are adults with families of their own, but that still leaves 12 young kids at home for the Thomases to watch.