Atlanta man's mission to help the city's homeless

One man has made it his mission to help the homeless population near the Martin Luther King Memorial and Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Every Saturday Rick Evans and his team, Noah’s Ark, goes to the area and picks up trash.

"While I was down here I happened to look to my right by the new church, not the old church. I saw the homeless tents and I’m trying to figure out if people have horse blinders on. Do you not see it," Evans said.

It’s not just a mission but his passion.

"It’s bags and bags of trash right now. I want to get that cleaned up," Evans said.

The organization started in 2009 to give back and this is personal for Evans.

"I’ve been homeless three times. That’s why I’m passionate about it," Evans said.

Evans and his team give out supplies, helps those needing help getting IDs, and jobs.

"Dr. King and his wife Coretta is laying over there and directly across the street is a homeless tent and rats galore," Evans said.

Evans said he’s been trying to get help from the city of Atlanta.

"I got with the city and they gave me some pickup and cleaning supplies and also adoption papers so I can adopt this area. I told them we would come down here every Saturday so we can clean up," Evans said.

There’s so much work to do and Evans hopes to track down who owns the property.

"I want to find out who owns the land because they need to be involved as well," Evans said.

Evans said the journey to help will continue.

"I need all the help I can get. Any help I can get and all the help I can get," Evans said.

Evans and his team are looking for volunteers to help. For more information click here.

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