Albany police: Kidnapping call was false claim

A lot of time, energy, and resources were put into the massive search after a false claim of an alleged kidnapping in Albany Tuesday.

It reportedly happened in the 1000 block of Wynngate Avenue around 5:30 p.m.

The Albany Police Department initially posted about the reported kidnapping to their page.

“The Albany Police Department is currently utilizing every resource available after receiving a report of an alleged kidnapping of a juvenile,” the Albany Police Department posted on their Facebook page. “Officers are continuing to confirm information, but the initial report of the alleged kidnapping involves a white van and a white male driver. At this time, officers have found no evidence of the incident. As precaution and until all information has been confirmed, APD is asking everyone to remain vigilant.”

Several hours later, police were able to determine it was a false claim and no one has reported a child missing.

“Parents and guardians, this is a teaching moment. Please use this time to talk to your child or children about the importance of reporting useful, factual information to the police or an adult,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Investigators would still like to talk to the driver of the white van caught on surveillance video in the neighborhood. Police posted photos of the van to their Facebook page. Anyone who knows the driver is asked to call the Albany Police Department non-emergency line at 229-431-2132.

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