After numerous cases of mail theft, man finds creative way to keep an eye on his mail

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Missing and stolen mail has become a real problem lately in one neighborhood, and folks are finding creative ways to keep an eye on their letters and cards.

Long-time residents in the Historic Brookhaven neighborhood said stolen mail has happened periodically over the years, and in the past week, it's picked up again.  

Neighbors said lately mail is found abandoned on the ground or in someone else's box.

"It's bizarre. It seems like they come through get the mail, keep what they want and stuff the rest in other people's mailboxes," said Stephanie McGarity who has lived in the neighborhood for years.

Many have gone to locked mailboxes that can only be opened with a key.

"We put in a mailbox that is all brick, has a lock, I mean you'd have to blow something up to get in there," said Joe Wargo who lives in the neighborhood.

One man got so fed up with missing mail he put a trail camera inside his mailbox to capture images of anyone peeking inside.

"It's an infrared trail camera so there's no flash, he just set it in the back of the box," said McGarity.

Recently, the camera captured a picture of what police say is a stranger looking inside his mailbox.  Detectives now have that photo and are hoping someone can identify him.

Neighbors have also contacted the US Postal Service about the thefts.