After 2 burglaries this year, DeKalb County homeowner makes plea

Plagued by break-ins and a target for crooks, a frustrated DeKalb County homeowner told FOX 5 News his neighborhood has become a hotbed for crime.

In the course of a year, the man said his home has been hit three times, twice since the start of January.

"Since I've moved in here, my house has been broken into 3 times, once last year, and twice this year in about a month," the victim said.

This DeKalb County homeowner has asked FOX 5 News not to show his face or use his name since, he said, he is an ongoing victim of crime. He said in the year that he has owned his Meadowbrook neighborhood home, he's been targeted three times.

"They tend to target homes where no one is there, no car in the driveway, they will sneak into a back window, go in through garages," he said.

Thieves stealing his TV twice, grabbing clothes and electronics in the process.

As for his neighbors, he says he can point to nearly a dozen other break-ins as well.

"Every time this happens, I do things to make my home more secure, getting more cameras, locks on the windows, thinking about getting a clunker car just to sit in the driveway, whatever I can think of," he said.

With each break-in, he says he has called DeKalb County Police, offering evidence like from security cameras.

"You know, I was assigned a detective, called him multiple times, so I could get him the footage to help identify the guys, and just didn't get a response. I brought that up to the responding officer the last time I got robbed," he said.

He feels the problem is getting out of hand and police have not been quick to investigate.

Neighbors are planning to take matters into their own hands, considering hiring a patrol officer, and new video security measures, anything to get the break-ins to stop.

"We are talking about getting Ring doorbell systems for everyone's door, you know, at a certain point you can't rely on anyone else, you really have to secure your own home," he said.

FOX 5 News did reach the detective on his case but the detective declined to disclose information about those incidents.

Anyone who recognized the men in the photos are asked to call the DeKalb County Police Department.