A night of prayer in one Georgia city in the midst of chaos and violence across the country

In the midst of violence in cities across the country, one group in Cartersville decided to take another path. They gathered on the steps of the old courthouse for a night of worship.

"This is probably the most pivotal point in our history, and to see things breaking out like they are, it weighs on my heart," said Joseph Carter, one of the organizers.

The chaos, protests, and rioting in cities across the country is weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of many.

"While there may be evil and bad, this is the perfect chance to show the goodness of God," said Camden McGill, who also helped organize the night of prayer.

People held their hands high in the air, others clutched their bibles, as they prayed for peace, unity, and love.

"With all these riots and protesting, I just got to give God the glory and praise with a group of people together to praise the Lord together," said Valerie Worthy who came with her family.

Worshipping together and leaning on each other.

"As a world, we need to have to use each other and lean on each other to get back to where we need to be," said Jamie Adams who came with her daughter.

Those who gathered on the steps of the old courthouse believe that by lifting up God, hate and division take a backseat.

"Our main purpose is to come together in unity, love on the Father, everything else just fades away," said McGill.

"I don't believe there's a better opportunity now than to get out and share the love of Christ," said Carter.