71% of women may decline or delay taking COVID-19 vaccine

As Georgia approach the milestone of 1.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccines being administered, the results of a new survey have some worrying details as to who will and won’t take the vaccine when it comes their time.

The Social Science and Medicine in the U.S. survey suggests women are 71 percent more likely to decline the vaccine when their group is called upon than men. Many express doubt over the vaccine while others are concerned about reproductive side effects or breastfeeding concerns.

"I’m hopeful knowing I’m not the only one out there saying, ‘OK, let’s take this slow. I hope it works, I want it to work, but I want to take time to see what I want to do with it," said Cobb County mother Randi Leffew.


Leffew said she never thought she would be in the majority on that. She is a new mother and plans to have more children. That’s the main reason she plans to delay getting a vaccine, but emphasizes, she’s not an anti-vaxxer.

"I believe that vaccinations there a purpose for them, I believe they do work. There are vaccinations out there that my child will be getting. But I do a delayed vaccination schedule," said Leffew.

The study also suggests one in three Americans say they won’t get the coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Danny Branstetter is the Medical Director of Infection Prevention at WellStar Health Systems. He said he's not surprised by this number.

"It’s a very new vaccine. It's just a few months out and it's a very quickly developed so that's surprising to a lot of people and puts a lot of people in a little bit of an uncomfortable," said Dr. Branstetter.

Branstetter said he stands by the data that shows the vaccines are both safe and effective.

COVID-19 cases are down across our area because people aren't gathering as much as they were during the holidays, but the number of deaths from the coronavirus is consistent.

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