6 things that deplete your cellphone battery

At some point all of us get frustrated at how quickly our cellphones lose their juice. Your phone buzzes with activity even when it's off, which means, your battery drains and your privacy is being exposed. Let's limit both.

The guys from "Payette Forward" lay out six ways to fix these issues. 

One: iPhone Analytics. iPhone says it'll make your phone experience better. True. But it drains your battery. You can turn it off by going to SETTINGS, down to PRIVACY, at the bottom there is ANALYTICS AND IMPROVEMENTS. Turn it off. And if you want to save more battery and keep more privacy, turn off iCloud Analytics, too.

Two. Significant Locations. This means your GPS is activated wherever you go. And you might like your mapping system remembering how to travel to a certain location, but it also tracks you for advertisers. You might like that. You might not. But if you need to preserve battery, turn it off. This is how: Stay in the PRIVACY section of SETTINGS. And there at the top is LOCATION SERVICES. Scroll down to SYSTEM SERVICES. Keep going down to SIGNIFCANT LOCATIONS. Turn it off.

Three. Unnecessary System Services. Go back to the previous page. The guys at "Payette Forward" recommend turning off all of the features except EMERGENCY CALLS, FIND MY IPHONE, but leave the TIME ZONE SETTINGS on if you travel, if not, turn it off, too, to save your battery.

Four. Limit Ad Tracking. Its name says it all. Want to save battery power or privacy or both? SETTINGS to PRIVACY to ADVERTISING. And in AD TRACKING, turn it on to make it stop working.

Five. Change Push to Fetch: SETTINGS to PASSWORDS & ACCOUNTS to FETCH NEW DATA. Now switch to FETCH not PUSH. This saves battery life.

Now, if it's a site where you want up-to-date scores, for example, leave it on push. But for me, I set my FETCH for every 30 minutes, meaning it automatically updates every half hour. But when you open the app, it will automatically refresh. 

Six. Background App Refresh. Go back out to SETTINGS the go into the GENERAL category. Here you'll find BACKGROUND APP REFRESH. When they are on, they refresh contantly draining your battery. But some you may want to stay on, like your maps, for example. 

Remember how you turned things off just in case you need to turn them back on.