5 free and meaningful Father's Day gifts

It happens every year, Father's Day. And still, we are stumped about what to give our favorite guy.  Well, take in these five, free ways to say, "We love you Dad."

I took the free route this year because for Mother's Day I got a gift that cost nothing and it's my favorite gift ever. My daughter handed me a paper bag. Every day for a month I pulled out a piece of paper where my daughter had written super sweet things. Truly, the best. So free can be very meaningful.

Number two freebie take a drive. My dad and my husband love this. But here's the catch: You have to listen. Listen, as they wander down memory lane showing you where they grew up, listen when dad points out that he was once in a band, and he shows you where he played. Three, when you get back you can cue up Dad's favorite movie.  Believe me, the other day my daughter and I had to sit through "Red Dawn." We hated it.  But we did it. Admittedly, it's not his favorite, but he thought we'd think it good/bad/funny, too. We did not. It's the worst, but we watched it.  Number four make him dinner. Serve it on a TV tray while he watches "Smokey and the Bandit" for the 25th time.

And a fifth free idea for Father's Day that is better than anything money can buy - tidy up for him. Organize those sock drawers. Wash the car.  Fold his laundry. Maybe even do a load for him. And at the end of the day remind him, "We love you."

Our free gift this year is a care package. My husband has to make a future road trip soon and it's a sad occasion. So, we created a care package for the car ride. But, it's hidden. My daughter will hide the box. And he can find it if he can solve the trail of riddles she has written.