4 arrested after fight, including one woman whose eyes were glued shut

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Four people arrested after a violent fight, including a woman who said she was cut with a beer bottle and her eyes were glued shut. It happened early Saturday morning in White County, Georgia.

"I could feel my eyes burning, they were stuck together, I couldn't open them," said Amy York. 

White County Sheriff's investigators said Amy York couldn't open her eyes because she had super glue poured on them in the middle of a fight.  

York said she and her ex-husband's ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Tyler, agreed to meet to fight after Tyler said some mean things about her children. According to the sheriff's report, Tyler brought along her daughter, Brooke Phillips, and her daughter's boyfriend, Kenneth Tatum. 

Casey York, Amy York's ex-husband and Rebecca Tyler's ex-boyfriend, came to help break up the fight.  He said he saw Amy get hit with a broken beer bottle. 

"She had 15 stitches. Almost tore her earlobe off, they had to sew it back on," said York. 

All four were arrested for fighting. Tyler faces an additional charge of aggravated assault. 

York said even though she went to the hospital and to jail, it was worth it. She said nobody messes with her children. 

"Even though I got arrested, I didn't shed one tear, I had a smile on my face in the mu shot," said York. 

Investigators said Kenneth Tatum took the video of the fight on his phone. That video is not part of police evidence.