Tiny Doors ATL brings whimsical art to neighborhoods in Atlanta

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Have you ever seen one of the Tiny Doors ATL doors walking through Atlanta? You might miss them if you don't look closely, but once you see the miniature creations, you can't help but wonder, "Who made that?"

FOX 5's Alexa Liacko met the artist behind the project, Karen Anderson, to find out how these small creations came to be.

Anderson said she's always loved working with tiny things. "I've really been into miniatures since I was a kid," Anderson said. "When I was little, I threw away all my dollhouse furniture and made everything myself out of clay. I was really interested in controlling your own little world."

Since then, Anderson has spent hundreds of hours creating the seven inch tall doors in several neighborhoods in and around the city. Nearly all the doors are in locations where anyone can access them--you just have to be ready to find them!

The process starts when Anderson gets a request from a neighborhood. She will speak with neighbors and businesses in the area to get a flavor of what it's like to live on that street. then, the creative process begins.

Anderson will create a wooden door then cast it in resin. Once the door is made, she will create tiny plants and other additions to make the door feel like someone really lives there.


Find the doors by clicking HERE.