Spring Break Adventures: Tank Town USA

It’s day one of our Spring Break Adventures week, during which Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken and photojournalist Blaze Meier are criss-crossing the state in search of spots that might just be the family destination you’re looking for.  And today, the guys are heading north to Morganton, located in Fannin County, and a place where your childhood dreams of driving the world’s most powerful vehicles can come true.

Tank Town USA is located at 10408 Appalachian Highway, less than 10 miles from downtown Blue Ridge — and the clue to what happens at Tank Town is right there in the name.  Owner Todd Liebross collects big things on big wheels, from actual military tanks to construction equipment like bulldozers and excavators, and since opening Tank Town USA back in 2013, he's allowed the general public to come in and experience the thrill of driving these monsters. 

Liebross offers various adventures, ranging from just tank driving ($125 for 10 minutes or half a mile) to crushing a car with a tank  ($599, including more than 25 minutes of driving and smashing one car).  Yes, we know — you have plenty of questions.  So click here to read all about the experiences, age limits, and passenger information.

Tank Town USA is generally open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. from April through November, and available by appointment year-round.  Click the video link above to check out Paul’s experience doing some damage at one of North Georgia’s most smashing destinations!