Nationwide campaign supporting Atlanta area teachers

A nationwide movement is benefiting Atlanta area teachers.

Over the summer, a teacher started the campaign "Clear the List" in support of helping fellow teachers get donations for the classroom.

Gwinnett County fourth grade teacher Becca Menchaca told FOX 5 once she heard about the campaign, she jumped on board.

"This is my sixth year teaching and a lot of the items I have are older or they've been passed down from other teachers, so I thought this was a great way to hopefully give my students access to new resources," Menchaca said.

According to Menchaca, teachers create a "list" on Amazon. Then, they create posts using the hashtag #clearthelist.

Those who want to donate search #clearthelist on social media sites to find teachers they want to support.

"We've gotten hundreds of dollars worth of items from strangers and even from fellow teachers," Menchaca said. 

Books, supplies, pencils, you name it, Menchaca said, she's gotten it.

"I've cried tears of joy over the past few months," Menchaca said. "I could never do this on my own and I just want it to be special for the kids.