'Legacy 53' creates lasting impact on Atlanta long after the Super Bowl is over

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For more than two years, the Super Bowl Host Committee has been working on a project called "Legacy 53." It's an effort to create a long lasting cultural impact on the city of Atlanta through hosting the Super Bowl.

From projects to beautify the city with incredible murals to big green spaces in downtown, you can't help but notice what the game is bringing to Atlanta that we will all enjoy for years to come.

"This really has been beyond a game for us," said Lee Hendrickson of the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee.

Probably the most noticeable part of this project: the sky-high murals across downtown Atlanta.

"We've had community conversations over the summer," Hendrickson said. "More than 40 groups came together locally to talk about who they are and their perspectives, and through that we had 10 artists use that to inspire their artwork."

The murals highlight issues of social justice and atlanta's part in the fight for civil rights.

Another pillar of Legacy 53: more than a dozen sustainability projects.

"Even our volunteer jackets are made from recycled bottles that were sourced here at the stadium locally," Hendrickson said. The bottles collected in Atlanta were turned into REPREVE recycled fiber by Unifi and then given to each of the thousands of volunteers working during Super Bowl LIII events.

The project also includes new trees and greenspaces in town.

"It's not only the plants that get nurtured, that get that fresh start, it's the community around them," he said.

Community and youth engagement is another part of Legacy 53.

"Thousands and thousands of items, school supplies and sports equipment and clothing will be distributed into our local community," Hendrickson said.

The committee worked with local nonprofits and groups like Play 60 to get more kids being active.

Legacy 53 is also working with around 200 local businesses through their program called "Business Connect."

Hendrickson noted it is focused on promoting, "women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned or LGBTQ-owned businesses."

The 200 businesses are contracted during the Super Bowl to do everything from catering to construction, and the partnership will last long beyond the game.

The businesses have, "also been able to receive professional development workshops, networking sessions to be able to strengthen their skill set and their networks, long-term, locally," said Hendrickson.

By hosting the Super Bowl, Legacy 53 invites guests and locals alike to experience the best of Atlanta.

"Our guests are really going to see Atlanta as we are, which is an amaing vibrant city with even better things to come," Hendrickson said.