Historic golf course re-opens after major renovations

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It first opened to the public in 1932, named in honor of legendary golfer and Atlanta-native Bobby Jones.  Now, more than eight decades later, the new Bobby Jones Golf Course is re-opening with the kind of innovations that Jones probably never could have dreamed of when he first started playing the game in the early 1900s.

The new Bobby Jones Golf Course officially opened to golfers Monday after a year-long renovation project, for which famed designer Bob Cupp created his final design before passing away in August of 2016.  Cupp’s design features double greens and multiple tees, which essentially means golfers will be able to play the same course twice, but what makes it truly unique is the fact that the course is reversible, allowing golfers to play it in two different directions. 

Along with this expanded versatility, new developments include a cutting-edge indoor instructional building, six-hole short course (named for Bob Cupp), and new driving range.  Members of the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation say the new design and upgrades will help in their goal of expanding the reach of the sport, and future plans include the opening of The Murray Golf House, a clubhouse in which the Georgia State Golf Association and Georgia Section of the PGA of America will be headquartered.

Oh, and did we mention the new course also features some high-tech golf carts, in which players can connect to their devices via Bluetooth while streaming music, live television and more?

That part certainly got Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken’s attention, and he spent the morning at the new Bobby Jones Golf Course getting a first-hand look at the upgrades.  And yes, he blasted some music while cruising in the new carts!