Good Day Atlanta viewer information September 23, 2019

A taste of the food featured in "Abominable" movie on Good Day Atlanta:    "Abominable" tells the story of a teenage girl who discovers a Yeti on her rooftop in china.  She names him "Everest" and sets off an epic adventure to get him back to his home at the highest point in the world.   Here to give us a taste of the movie this morning, we have chefs Michael Lo and George Yu, to make Everest's Favorite Food!   For more information on "Abominable" click here.  For information on Michael Lo and George Yu click here. 

Michael Coles co-founder of The Great American Cookie Company:  He's a great example of not letting life take him down.  Michael Coles is the co-founder of Great American Cookie Company, former CEO of Caribou Coffee and now a published author.  He stops by Good Day Atlanta to talk about his inspirational life story.  His new book Time To Get Tough :How Cookies, Coffee, and a Crash Led to Success in Business and Life, focuses on turning obstacles into opportunities.  For more information click here.