Georgia's 'Big Foot' museum grows with a second location

David and Malinda Bakara, the couple behind one of North Georgia's "biggest" museums, are taking their lifelong fascination with unsolved mysteries to a second location. Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken took a trip to Blue Ridge to check out Expedition Bigfoot: Adventure Outpost.

Opening in April, the new museum and store from the same team behind Cherry Log's Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum. While their first museum deals almost exclusively with the legend of Bigfoot, including reported sightings right here in North Georgia, the David and Malinda Bakara say the Adventure Outpost delves further into the unexplained, ranging from other reported cryptids, ancient civilizations, and mysterious artifacts found all around the world.

Expedition Bigfoot: Adventure Outpost also offers plenty of memorabilia and t-shirts for sale. It is located at 721 East Main Street in Blue Ridge. Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum can be found at 1934 Highway 515 South in Cherry Log.