Former model helps young sexual abuse victims heal by focusing on inner beauty

A former model in Lawrenceville is helping young people who have been sexually abused feel beautiful by supporting their sense of self and inner beauty.

Crysta Marshall's organization Defined With Purpose works to give self confidence back to children and teens.

Marshall had a horrifying experince as a mother of a 3-year-old little girl.

"Unfortunately my daughter was sexually abused," said Marshall. "It was heartbreaking, and I had to do something about it." 

So, she built a place where families and young people could go to heal from sexual abuse by rediscovering their value.

"Beauty is one of those things that is so internal, and we see beautiful people around us all the time, but what really makes someone stand out is their heart," Marshall.

Defined with Purpose mentors young people to rebuild their hearts and move past the trauma through pairing each young person with a mentor.

Nine-year-old Caleb Garcia is the first young boy in the program.

"They can help you show what your value is so you can understand it more," Garcia.

Through simple games, the mentors teach coping skills and help sexual abuse victims get over their triggers.

"When I get angry, Aaron helped me, he helps me, teaches me ways to calm down and I like that, I like how he does that," said Garcia.

"He was broken as far as his experiences and what he had chosen because of those experiences," said Marshall of Garcia. "And so to see him now, so loving, it's almost like a full circle," said Marshall.

Now, Caleb can see past his struggles and become the man he wants to be.

"I'm funny, smart, intelligent, protective, I like taking care of people in times of need," said Garcia.

"Just to see his growth...and our heart is to really see people's potential," said Crysta's husband Aaron, who is Caleb's mentor.

The Marshalls help unlock that potential little by little every day.

"Sexual abuse may have happened, rape may have happened, but that's not you, that's not who god called you to be. You're so much more than that," said Marshall.

Defined with Purpose offers its clients help paying for therapy and legal fees if they need. 

If you or someone you could benefit from Defined with Purpose, you can call them at 404-707-4434 or email them at: