Darlene McCoy gives viewers tips on becoming a great neighbor

Atlanta's population continues to grow. Folks from different cities and states are now calling the peach state their home. Praise 102.5's Darlene McCoy gives tips on how you can make your neighbors feel welcome, and enjoy where they live.

In the days of technology it's so easy to not communicate with others face to face. Some would rather chat on social media, or text. It may be best to actually speak to your neighbors so you all are familiar with each other and your surroundings in the area.

Darlene says she believes knowing your neighbors adds value because they can become your extended family. Here are some tips she recommends for getting to know your neighbors.

  • Find out your neighbors name(s)
  • Speak to your neighbors daily
  • Keep your yard and home welcoming
  • Invite your neighbors over for a party/dinner