Chistorra in a blanket recipe from Cooks & Soldiers

Cooks & Soldiers stops by with viewer recipe to celebrate the Fetes De Bayonne, festival.  The event is taking place on July 28, 2019 at the restaurant. Chef Matthew Ridgway stopped by with a Chistorra in a blanket recipe which is similar to pigs in a blanket.  For more information on Cooks & Soldiers click here

Chistorra in a Blanket 
Chef Matthew Ridgway 
Cooks & Soldiers 

•    6 oz of raw chistorra sausage (breakfast sausage) cut into six pieces
•    6 pieces of croissant dough or laminated dough cut into triangles. 
o    Found in the freezer section of the grocery store 
•    1 tbsp. fleur de sel
•    1 cup maple syrup
•    ½ cup sherry vinegar 

•    Combine the maple syrup and sherry vinegar overheat, reduce by half and set aside
•    Pre heat oven 350 degrees 
•    Take a piece of chistorra sausage and roll each piece into the laminated dough with the largest piece facing towards you. Roll the sausage like a pin wheel. 
•    Let rest and proof until double the size.    
•    Place roll on a metal rack and bake until fully cooked and brown – 12-15 minutes.   
•    Brush maple glaze on top of the cooked pastry and sprinkle with fleur de sel