Buying school supplies on a budget

No matter how many children you have, buying every single item on their back to school shopping list can add up quickly. That's why Lori Dalcour, a mother of 6th grade twins in DeKalb County, has mastered the art of back-to-school shopping on a budget.

"I'm a working mom and I'm a busy mom, so I have a lot to get done, so I really focus when it comes to back to school shopping. I always have a strategy for saving time and money," Dalcourt told FOX 5's Portia Bruner. "Before I even leave the house, I price compare to make sure that I am getting a reasonable price and saving money because saving for 10-year-old twins is a lot."

When Portia tagged along with Lori and her twins, Tori and Troy, Junior, they made two stops at the Mall of Stonecrest in DeKalb County: Dollar Tree and Staples.

A third of the supplies Lori purchased were store brand items. She had about a dozen coupons she clipped from online websites and newspaper inserts. She was also very intentional in her efforts to find a dollar store close to an office supply store that had a price-matching guarantee.

"I knew I could get this Case-It brand binder here at Staples if I mentioned a competitor's price. It was $21 here, but price matched at a different store for $15, so I was able to save $5 or $6 for the price match. I'm excited about that one," Lori said.

Lori believes the best way to save some money is to go out and do your homework before you shop. It takes a little time and digging, but the payoff comes at the register. In Lori's case, she came in 30 dollars under budget.


"My budget was to stay under $200 and I was hoping to not go over that and I accomplished my goal, so I'm really excited," Dalcour said.