Burgers with Buck: Hecter's

After years in the catering business, Chef Keith Hand decided it was time to expand. He took the space next door to his catering kitchen downtown, and turned it into a dining room, and just like that Hecter's Kitchen was born.

It's located downtown, near the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, Georgia State University, and Grady Memorial Hospital.

Hecter's Famous Double Stack Burger may not be famous, just yet, but it's only a matter of time. Here's why...two large beef patties with American cheese, mustard, pickles, and onions and served on Texas Toast. But wait, there's more. HFDSB is served wrapped in paper so that it continues to steam from the kitchen to the table to your mouth.

One more reason this burger is destined to be famous, it's big, it's served with fries, and it only costs $10.

For more information on Hecter's Kitchen including the location, menu and more go to their website, https://www.hecterskitchen.com .  And don't forget if you've got a favorite burger that you would like to see featured on Burgers With Buck, let me know ow about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to use the hashtag #BurgrerWithBuck or #BWB.