Falcons cheerleaders, mascot cheer up community with virtual calls

Like most of us these days, the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders and Freddie Falcon are working from home.

"Virtual-Grams" have been a way for them to continue connecting with the community, season ticket holders, non-profits and corporate partners in the age of social distancing and quarantining in homes.

Mikyle C. said she's done five appearances so far, and they have been very different than what she's used to compared to in-person community events.

"We’re still trying to leverage that opportunity through technology and still make sure we can interact with people and visit and just bring light and smiles to people during a hard time," she said. "You still get the interaction and the people’s response and the heartfelt part of it, but I’m glad we’re still able to be in the community nonetheless."

Instead of selfies, they're taking screen captures with fans. And they're playing Hangman or Simon Says, along with other activities they normally wouldn't be able to do with fans and families.

"We’ve kind of had to get creative about let’s read a book or let’s play a game or you still can learn a dance over the computer, so it’s been fun, but a little adapting for sure," she said.

Freddie Falcon has had conversations with fans ranging from a little boy recovering from cancer and a kid with a broken leg following a recent ATV accident. The Falcons cheerleaders have hopped on Zoom with a high school senior who is missing her graduation and some adults who are fighting COVID-19.

"It’s definitely really fun to be able to affect the community like we normally do, but from the comfort of our own homes so that we still feel safe and can keep the fans safe as well," said cheerleader Michelle P.

Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders and mascot Freddie Falcon have been calling members of the community via Zoom during the pandemic.

She also said the opportunity to focus on one person or small group at a time on FaceTime or Zoom is very different than their normal community connections, but in a time when we all feel a bit isolated, it's a welcome change of pace.

"I feel like you’re getting to know the fans a lot better like on a more personal level because you get that really specific time with them and it’s really personal and unique, which is really cool," she said.