Eagles fan gets life-saving transplant from Patriot fan

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For some football fans, team loyalty is everything.

But even they can look past their favorite teams to save a life.

Lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan Patricia Pizzimenti needed a kidney.

A family member offered up one of hers, but it wasn't a match.

John Houlihan was. The only thing was – Houlihan is a die-hard Patriots fan.

That didn't stop him from stepping up and saving her life, however.

Houlihan said that, while his team loyalty didn't transfer with the kidney, his sense of humor obviously did.

"Patricia decided to remind me that the Patriots lost the super bowl, so this is something to remind me of that," He said with a smile. 

The family member who couldn't donate to Patricia was also able to find a match in Desmond Padilla, a father of four who was also in desperate need.