Chipper Jones talks about his Cooperstown experience

The biggest question on Chipper Jones' mind is not what he will say when he is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday. Instead, he's wondering when his family will grow by one. His wife Taylor is expecting a son, and her due date is Monday, the day after the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

"[Taylor is] doing well," said Jones. "Still pregnant, still with child. Hopefully little Cooper will wait until we get back to Atlanta, but if he was to be born here this weekend, it would be pretty cool."

Jones has enjoyed his time in Cooperstown so far, which included a golf tournament Saturday morning at Leatherstocking Golf Course. Jones has also been soaking up advice from the men he's going to join in the Hall.

"I've gotten so much advice from the other Hall of Famers," said Jones. "They said, 'take a deep breath, slow everything down, because you're going to get to Monday and you're just going to wonder where it all went.'"

Jones has plenty on his schedule the rest of the weekend, including a Saturday night parade and plenty of receptions in his and the other inductees' honor.

"It's going by like a blur," said Jones. "We got here on Wednesday, seems like last night. It's been a lot of fun."