Braves former Manager Bobby Cox on Chipper Jones' Hall of Fame career

Hall of Famer and Braves former Manager Bobby Cox says he may shed a tear on Sunday as he watches Chipper Jones inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

"I hope I don't shed a tear, but I may watching the kid," Bobby Cox said.

Cox not only coached Jones, but also selected Chipper in 1990 right out of high school as the Braves first round draft pick.

"Jim Beauchamp was one of the older guys in the organizations who passed away a few years ago and he always said to me 'Bobby some are chosen' and I said 'Are you talking about Chipper Jones?' and he said 'Yes,'" Cox said. "So that sums it up right there."

Chipper spent his entire major league career with the Atlanta Braves helping them win a World Series Championship in 1995.

"It's unusual these days to have your own player for that many years in your own organization generally they go to free agency," Cox said. "He was easy to manage. Never had to call him in and scold him. He played the game right and played it very well."