A real live baseball game!

"I just happy watching kids being kids again."

What a glorious weekend!

My 16-year-old nephew came up from Tampa to play in a baseball tournament at the LakePoint sports complex in Emerson.

So, reflexively I packed some water, snacks and a folding chair and I went to watch him play.

And it wasn’t until I unfolded my chair, sat down and heard the first pop of the bat that I realized - I was watching a real, live sporting event!

Just like that first sip of morning coffee I began mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually emerging from my sports hibernation!

It was invigorating.  It was also a reminder of how important sports are to me.

It mattered not the outcome of the game or how well my nephew played (he was awesome!).  We were outdoors.  Breathing fresh air.  Watching a game.  I was alive again!

Yes. The Braves are about to re-start training camp, but I’ve already gotten a wonderful taste of what’s to come if all goes well in our battle with this unholy virus.

In a rush it all came back to me. The sounds. The strategy. The smell of food wafting from the concession stand.  And the sight of kids playing ball again. It was uplifting.

I want more of it!

I just read where USA Football is preparing to phase-in their youth football leagues.  I pray that the kids will not be affected by the virus.  But if football can be cranked up again… you won’t be able to wipe the smile from my face!

Back to the baseball game…

I looked for close contact. There really wasn’t much of it. It’s not really part of the game of baseball.

There were some congratulatory hugs and team huddles. No one flinched.

Has the pandemic peaked? Or is it just keeping its hands off our children?

I was just happy watching kids being kids again.

Most of them probably have big league dreams, but they all play for the love of the game and the friendships that blossom from it.

Praying for more moments like this one in the days, months and years ahead.

FOX 5 will begin broadcasting Major League Baseball games on Saturday, July 25th — ‘bout time!