Young hip-hop artist found gunned down at Fulton County park

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A young hip-hop artist was gunned down in a Fulton County park. The family of Herman Roberts is begging for witnesses to come forward with information.

Fulton County Police found Roberts' body at Creel Park October 9. Police said he was shot at close range seven or eight times.

Through tears, Tonia Martin said, her son must have known his killers.

"Whoever did this to him, he knew them, he left here knowing who they were and he looked them in their face," Martin said.

Martin said her son was very involved in the music industry, he was a hip-hop artist since he was a teen.

"Since the age of 14, he traveled a lot did a lot of work with entertainers," said Martin.

Police said Roberts did not have a wallet on him when they found his body. They also said his iPad and computer that he uses for his music are missing.

Investigators don't have a motive, but say they have information that his killers may have used his love for music to trick him into going to the park late that night.

"There has been some information that we received through Crime Stoppers that he may have been lured there for some type of music video," said Fulton County Police Lt. Roger Peace.

Police said based on tips they've received they believe there were at least two witnesses at the park. Martin is begging them to tell police what they know.

"Please come forward, give my son some type of justice, give us some type of peace," said Martin.