Workers not yet paid for Super Bowl LIII event

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More than 50 employees who worked the NFL Experience for Super Bowl LIII say they have not been paid and call the experience a super disaster.

The unpaid workers gathered outside the College Park offices of BE Excellent Staffing Services Friday morning looking for their paychecks.

Regina Clayton says she was one of the managers and worked nine-days straight, many times doing double shifts. She and others say the money was first promised on Feb. 8, then more recently on Feb. 15.

"We all worked, we worked and for us not to get paid for the time that we put in. My knees are bad, but I worked because I needed the money," Ms. Clayton said.

"The governor, the mayor, and the police made sure everyone who came for the fan experience was safe and protected, but the people who worked the fan experience, we didn’t get paid. We basically got robbed," employee Deray Woodard complained.

Many of the employees were Fulton County High School students who say they had planned to use their money for senior fees and graduation.

"She recruited from the school system. She came to the Fulton County College and Career Academy to recruit," mom Denise Bartley confirmed.

The workers say Katrina Fuller is the operations manager who made all the promises. She apparently goes by the name Kateina Boss.

FOX 5’s Aungelique Proctor found her chair and desk empty when we tried to get answers. She has not responded to messages or emails from FOX 5 News. A lady identifying herself as Fuller’s niece says even she is not sure what happened.

" Yeah, I understand [why all these people are upset] because I don’t have my money either," the woman responded.

Fulton County Schools responded to our inquiry. A spokesperson had this to say about the ordeal:

"BE Staffing visited the FCS College and Career Academy in October to give seniors an opportunity to network and make money at the Super Bowl Experience. We don’t have information about job duties or the payment arrangements, but Fulton County Schools staff have reached out to the agency’s CEO to assist in getting answers for the students."