Woman wants former restaurant boss arrested after alleged assault

A woman wants her former boss arrested after she says he assaulted her inside a restaurant in Gwinnett County last week.

Cell phone video of the confrontation inside Doo's Seafood in Snellville has gone viral. Former employee Ju'Nea Turner and co-owner Doo Won Lee appear to argue in the video, which was posted on Facebook by customer Markus Moultrie.
In the heat of a disagreement over a refund for Moultrie's $8 fried shrimp order, Moultrie said Lee "hit" Turner. However, his phone turns away before any contact between the two can be seen on camera. Lee and other workers said Moultrie argued with Lee's wife about the refund before her husband entered the conversation.

FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell spoke with the Lee's Wednesday. The co-owners said Moultrie changed his order and, since it wasn't recorded, there's a policy that mistakes on orders come out of cashiers' pay. That policy didn't sit well with Moultrie, who insisted the mistake wasn't Turner's fault, they added.

Doo Won Lee provided store surveillance video to FOX 5 News from a different angle inside the store. Lee admitted he can be seen throwing a plate of food from Turner's hand onto the floor before
shoving her. He apologized "to the whole community" for the situation.

Gwinnett County Police confirmed officers were called to the scene. However, the department added neither party wanted to file a report or pursue any charges once they arrived.

However, Turner and her attorney Mawuli Davis held a news conference Wednesday to announce their push to seek a warrant for the Lee's arrest. Davis told Mitchell he hopes to have a hearing before a judge in June regarding the issue.

Lee and his wife said they're also considering legal assistance moving forward.