Woman refuses help after claiming to be shot

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Cobb County Police are trying to unravel details of a bizarre series of events which included a woman who was been shot stopping for help at a Starbucks. But the woman did not stay, police said, instead, she left the coffee house in a hurry and ended up in Atlanta.

It happened at the Starbucks at 2495 Cumberland Parkway in the Vinings area just before 2:30 p.m. Thursday. Authorities said they responded to 911 calls of a woman shot.

Sheena Fisse, 31,  was identified as the woman who was shot, according to police.

"She was shot on her right side. She had blood on her T-shirt," said Dejuan McCrimmon.

McCrimmon and other customers who were inside the coffee house at the time called 911 at the request of the injured woman.

"The lady stormed through the doors and she was screaming ‘Call 911, call 911! I've been shot!’" said customer Brice Moore.

Before anyone could help the woman or find out who had shot her, she left the restaurant and drove away.

"She walked back out to her car, which was parked right here, and we were asking ‘What happened? What happened?’ And she said I'll be alright and she drove off," said McCrimmon.

Police said the woman was shot outside the Starbucks and investigators are trying to determine the circumstances which led to the shooting.

Moore said he and others were concerned for their safety.

"I was looking around at a shooter following her. I wasn't even concerned about her safety it kind of fell between the safety of all of us that were there," said Moore.

"She never indicated who shot her or you know what happened," said McCrimmon.

Cobb County Police said the injured woman was located a short time later on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Atlanta

They said she called 911 herself from her moving car, but refused to obey the dispatcher’s orders to pull over to receive help.

"I hope that everything is OK with her and she's in good health," said Moore.

As of late Thursday night, Cobb County Police had not indicated what the woman's condition was or what hospital in which she may be recovering.

They had no information on who the shooter was.