Woman recovering after tree fell on her minivan

An Atlanta woman escaped with her life when a big oak tree fell on her minivan early Thursday morning.

The giant timber fell in the early morning hours as the remnants of Hurricane Michael was blowing through the northwest Atlanta neighborhood where it happened.

The buzz of chainsaws chopping away at a giant oak surrounded the badly crumpled silver Ford minivan Thursday afternoon when a tree removal service was removing the tall timber which fell on the van around 5:30 in the morning.

“It’s all an act of God because this tree could have went any which way and killed her. This is an act of God and that’s what they are going to call it, an act of God,” said Dana Glover, with Success Tree Removal.

The woman according to Atlanta Fire Rescue was not alone in the minivan.

“There were six people in the vehicle, four children, two adults,” said Sgt. Cortez Stafford.

He said almost everyone escaped the van, which had downed power lines atop it, after Georgia Power shut off the electricity.

“The four children and male adult were able to exit the vehicle once we got the power lines shut down and one female was trapped,” said Sgt. Stafford.

He said the woman had to be cut out of the back of the van. Neighbors who heard of the incredible escape involving the woman and her children were moved to tears.

“It kind of touched me you know what I mean every morning she likes to pray and I’ll come up here and she prays with me,” said Juanita Shorter.

Now, the prayers are for the mom who escaped a crashing giant oak tree on her minivan.

“Thank God for Jesus,” said Shorter.

The woman’s husband, who asked FOX 5 News not to name himself or his wife, said she was in stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital as of Thursday evening.