Woman recounts dangerous encounter with a slider

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A car theft victim has had time to reflect on the actions she took that could have killed her.

Jessica Fortune said she jumped in front of her Mercedes to try to keep a thief from driving off. The thief, a teenager, did not listen.

The incident took place at a gas station. The scenario a familiar one, a slider in a trail car was poised alongside the gas pumps to take advantage.

It happened at a Sylvan Road Chevron. Fortune had just purchased the car and said she was paying close attention. Initially, her vehicle was locked as she put fuel in it.

She walked over, unlocked the car and got ready to pull off. She then realized she had failed the hang the pump up. So, she quickly got out and that was a mistake.

In just a few seconds, the thief slid in and started to pull away, yanking the nozzle from the housing.

"He almost ran me over," said Fortune. "When I asked him not to do this."

The motorist said she was shocked by the reaction and jumped out of the way.

The young driver ultimately crashed her car and fled. Police caught up with the juvenile later. Left in the car, police found several purses, clothing, and other items likely taken during other crimes.

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