Woman: Gunman robbed in her Gwinnett County driveway

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A Gwinnett County woman came face-to-face with a gunman in the driveway of her own home.

For Elaine Dervales, it all started as a regular trip home from the store, when instantly, in her driveway inside a subdivision off Lee Road in Snellville, everything changed.

"I left my car running, pulled the brake to check my mail," Dervales said. "I walked back up about 5 feet, sat back in my car, and when I tried to close my door he was inside my door and he was about a foot from my nose with what looked like a 38 revolver."

Dervales said a gunman demanded her valuables.

"He just quickly pointed the gun and said 'Give me your purse. Give me your phone.' And I was like slow motion I reached this way and this way," she said. 

She told investigators it only lasted about 10 seconds and the man wore a hoodie.

Shaken from the incident, she plans on changing her routine.

"Now i wont stop, I will go straight into my garage and put the door completely down before I unlock my car door and I'll check my mail tomorrow," she said.

Dervales has a message to the man who stole from her or anyone else who plans to steal from others that she says is rooted in her faith in God.

"That is my home. He gave it to me and he marked out every inch of that square in that subdivision. It's mine, it is covered in his blood, and that's my home," she said. "No devil, no demon, no wicked thing, and this young man, he needs to know Jesus."