Woman and dog swept into fast moving creek

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A woman lost control of her car and ended up in a fast-moving creek.  It was a race against time for her to save herself and her little dog. 

Cherokee County Deputies say Kayla Pimental was driving on Transart Parkway in Canton Tuesday night when she hit a guardrail and her car flew off the road into Toonigh Creek. The car was swept downstream. 

"All the airbags had gone off, both front doors were crushed in, the back window was broken and water was rushing in," said Felicia McAleer who lives along the river.
Pimental grabbed her dog and got out through the back window. The water was still pushing them downstream.  Pimental made it to the bank, but she lost her grip on her dog. 

"She got out and climbed up the embankment, she had lost the dog at this point, and banged on my neighbor's door," said McAleer.

"We brought her inside, so we could get her warm and I spoke with 911," said Greg Lewis.

Lewis says Pimental was cold and frightened. As paramedics took care of her, deputies tried to find her car. 

"There was no part of the car, no bumper, top of car, nothing. The vehicle was completely submerged because the water had risen in the creek," said Lewis.

Neighbors searched through the night to find the dog. It wasn't until daybreak, that Felicia McAleer, fearing the dog went over the falls, hiked to the other side of the falls and found him. He was scared but unhurt.

This isn't the first time the pup has been rescued. McAleer says Pimentel had just rescued the dog last week. 

Neighbors say they're thankful the woman and the dog are now safe. 

"From surviving the accident, getting out of the vehicle and to not have gone over the falls, and then for her pet to survive, a huge relief and so thankful all the way around," said Lewis.