Wife of former Georgia police chief killed in Irma

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One of the two people killed in Georgia as a result of Irma was in Forsyth County, located less than 30 miles north of Atlanta.

Nancy Eason, the wife of former Cumming Police Chief Michael Eason, was killed on Monday when a tree crashed down on her vehicle during the heaviest point of the storm Monday, according to the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. Deputies said it happened in a driveway along Shadburn Road.

The Easons were checking loved ones at the time. They were both sitting in the car when the massive tree came down on top of it.

“A kind, loving, very Christian. She was -- did a lot in the community. Was very active in her church,” relative Stanley Shadburn.

Authorities said both husband and wife were trapped until emergency personnel got to the scene. They were able to get Mike out, but Nancy had already passed. Shadburn said she had just warned her sister two minutes before the accident to get out and take cover.

“She was worried about her sister as well. And she was just here to check on her and had made the remark, ‘Please get out, the weather is so bad, trees falling. You could get very badly hurt,’ and it happens to her. That's what is so devastating to everybody about it,” said Shadburn.

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Eason was one of two people killed during Irma on Monday. Stanley Williams was killed when a tree fell on his home.

No word on funeral service arrangements.

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