'White van hysteria' leads agency to hold human trafficking class

Chances are you've seen it on social media – the mysterious white van. Posts claim the people inside are snatching people right off the street and forcing them into commercial sex trades.

"It's a hot topic button for people," says Cpl. Collin Flynn, with Gwinnett County Police.

It's also one of the reasons dozens gathered at Gwinnett County Police headquarters Wednesday night.

"We have not received any types of calls of people who have been taken by suspicious vehicles or a suspicious person," says Flynn. "However, we understand that this is something people are afraid of."

So, the topic of human trafficking is being discussed.

Chelonnda Seroyer paid close attention to ways the instructor said young people can become victimized.

"Sometimes it's the young girl at the mall that's trying to coerce you to go into a modeling contract or attacking your vulnerabilities," says Seroyer.

A video showed how easily teens can fall victim. One parent didn't step in when her daughter started being secretive with her text messages. In the video, the actor ended up being held and abused by grown men.

While anyone can be susceptible to criminals, this effort is about making sure people are prepared.

Cpl. Flynn says because of the great interest in the class, the department will hold additional sessions.