We're still open! Food bank sees big drop in demand ever since COVID-19 began

With millions of Americans losing their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, some food banks are left with an overwhelming increase in demand. But for Timothy’s Cupboard, it’s quite the opposite.

The food bank at Timothy Lutheran Church in Cherokee County says it is seeing a drastic drop in demand. In fact, it says it has too much food.

“We’ve got hundreds of pounds of carrots, delivered to us a couple of weeks ago, and we’re still trying to give them away,” says Pastor Daniel Brammeier.

Brammeier joined the parish last December but says Timothy’s Cupboard has been serving Cherokee County for nearly 3 decades, since 1991. And Brammeier says COVID-19 has thrown them for a loop. “We’ve seen a downwards trend ever since COVID-19, and we were actually thinking that we would see an upward trend. But it never happened and we cannot figure out why,” says Brammeier.

In March, the food bank served 1,206 people. But Brammeier says “everything just tapered off in April.” The food bank served 668 people in April, which is nearly a 45% drop from the month before.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Brammeier says the food bank serves about 30 to 35 families. “It’s well over 200 pounds of food people walk out with,” he says. That’s because the food bank gives out a month’s worth of food at a time.

But this past Tuesday, Brammeier says only 12 families showed up. He says for that low of a number; it is “really unusual.”

The drastic drop is leading to a surplus in supplies. Timothy’s Cupboard is partnered with the Atlanta Food Bank. Brammeier says he just wants people to know they are open. “We’re open and we want to give food away,” he says.

If you need food, you can call Timothy’s Cupboard: 770-591-5515

Organizers ask for families to call ahead of time so they can prepare your month’s work of supplies before you arrive.