Wedding photographer offers FaceTime photo sessions

Atlanta wedding photographer Rose Bowman is offering FaceTime photo sessions during coronavirus.

Photographers are finding creative ways to capture our time at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Atlanta-based wedding photographer Rose Bowman is offering an option for couples that provides as much safe distance as possible.

"To be able to bring a smile to people's faces, and be able to still create art -- art is still being created," said Bowman.

Bowman is offering FaceTime photoshoot -- she calls it "The FaceTime Project." She starts by taking a virtual tour over video chat of her subjects' home, finding the best location and lighting. Then, she is able to give the couple directions like in a regular photoshoot -- though since the camera on the back of a phone is better than the front-facing camera, she jokes that she's a voice coming from nowhere.

Afterward, Bowman is able to touch up the photos, and make them look more professional.

"Everybody is home, everybody is spending more time with each other," said Bowman. "Things are still happening and memories are still being made, and it's just a really great way to do it safely from our homes. Just kind of starting a movement."

The FaceTime photo sessions are helpful for Bowman as well, since many wedding clients in the near future have postponed their events because of COVID-19.

Bowman is asking clients to pay what they can, and she suggests a $20 to $50 payment. The sessions usually last 20 to 30 minutes. You can find more information about her work and contact information on Bowman's photography website.