WATCH: 4-year-old passionately sings Disney's 'Moana' song

Video of a 4-year-old girl passionately singing at her preschool graduation is being described as "the performance of a lifetime!"

Little Sophia was supposed to sing a “sweet and mellow” rendition of Moana‘s "How Far I’ll Go" along with her classmates at her Pre-K graduation in Miami, Florida.  But according to her mother, Michelle, “Sophia seemed to have missed that memo!”

The 4-year-old is shown in the video belting out the Disney tune with her arms flailing about and her feet stomping the stage.

“She went out there with all the gusto her tiny 4 year old frame could handle and really gave it her all!” her mother told FOX 5 Atlanta.

Her mother says Sophia is "outgoing and silly" and "loves Disney and all Disney music -- as you can see.

The video has garnered 6.3 million views of Facebook.

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