Video: Woman pulls gun out at Georgia Wendy's drive-thru

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A case of fast food frustration turned into fury at a McDonough restaurant when a customer pulled a gun on the clerk at the drive up window.

It was a moment captured on surveillance video at the Wendy’s in Jonesboro Road, an angry woman pulling a pistol on the clerk at the window.

“I don’t understand people this day and time, I really don’t, it’s bad,” said Walter Hickman, a customer.

Henry County said the drive-thru assault occurred Saturday night around 11:15 when the woman, an adult passenger and some children in the back seat pulled up to the window.

Officials told FOX 5 she ordered a junior meal for the kids and apparently was not satisfied with the order or wait time and demanded a refund.

On video you see her grab back her debit card back then point the pistol.

“If the gun would have been fired it would could have harmed the clerk at the window, subsequent employees or any customers that could have been in the restaurant as well” said Henry County Police Department Sgt. John Davis.

Now there’s a "be on the lookout" poster at the drive up window at the Wendy’s.

The employee involved or management at the restaurant did not give a comment.

Alexander Shannon, who is also a fast-food drive-thru window clerk at a different place, says he keeps his cool, no matter the angst and and angst involved.

“You never know what someone is going through, you can never, no matter what or who the person is, they might  be going through  something that you have no idea about or you don’t understand at all,” said Alexander.

Investigators said the Wendy’s clerk did the right thing by not engaging with the armed woman in the black Nissan Altima with children in her back seat.

“Any young passengers, underaged passengers in the vehicle could have become victims as well,” said Davis.

He said investigators may not have gotten any financial transactions record to track the woman down because she pulled back her debit card.

Henry County Police ask anyone who may have information to give them a call and they urge the woman to turn herself in.