VIDEO: Turtles race in 40 year New York tradition

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Slow and steady did win these races in a small Northern New York town Saturday. For more than 40 years, people have brought turtles in the Tug Hill town of Osceola to race each summer.

These turtles are showing off their speed with enthusiastic coaches by their side at the annual Osceola Turtle Race.

While bulls run in Spain and horses race in Kentucky, turtles have competed in Osceola for more than four decades.

Like many athletes, some turtles compete after escaping tragedy. Other turtles are shy and afraid of crossing that finish line.

The top three turtles and humans in each race take home some cash and a wooden medal, but the competition is all about fun.

The small town hidden on the Tug Hill plateau will come alive again next summer for these shelled sprinters.