Video: Thieves smash into store, steal ATM

A band of crooks smashed a pickup truck through the front of a Henry County convenience store. The incident was caught on camera and police said it took less than a minute for the thieves to make off with an inside ATM machine.

Henry County police said the suspects did more damage to the store than they would have gotten away during the July 17 heist. The incredible video of the incident, just released this week, shows four men in the truck backing up and bashing their way into the BP station on Highway 155.

Three men got out of the Dodge Ram pickup truck and clear away the debris to get to the ATM. They lift and carry the heavy machine and while attempting to load it drop it. They apparently called for the driver because he comes and helps lift it over the tailgate instead of trying to put it down. The men then speed away.

Police said they are hoping the men’s movement will give someone out there a clue to who they because their faces are concealed. They are also trying to find the Dodge Ram pickup used during the crime because it is still missing and is perhaps stolen.

Police said crime caused over $50,000 in damages. There are still repairs needed to the ceiling.

Anyone who recognizes the men or the pickup truck is asked to call the Henry County Police Department.