VIDEO: Thieves breaks into Humane Society, steals donations

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Hundreds of dollars in donations were supposed to go to help puppies and kittens, but crooks broke into the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia and stole the money.

Executive Director Julie Edwards said it's disappointing and frustrating.

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“We rely on donations heavily to do our work,” said Edwards.

Surveillance cameras caught two guys pulling into the parking lot in a white car.



Police said one man got out, used a brick to smash through the front window, and then crawled inside. The other man stayed in the parking lot as the look out. In the video, both men are seen dragging a large doghouse across the parking lot and putting it in their car. It's so big that the doghouse is hanging out of the trunk as they drive off.

Edwards said the doghouse is actually a donation box. She said there were hundreds of dollars in it. The money goes to the adoption program.

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“We intake about 1,200 to 1,500 animals a year and provide medical care, food and boarding until we can adopt them into a new home,” said Edwards.

None of the animals were hurt or stolen, but Edwards said they will have to work even harder to make up for the lost donations and to replace the window that was smashed in the break-in.



“Just very discouraging that someone would do this to a non-profit that is trying to help the community,” said Edwards.

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