Video: Men storm Gwinnett County home claiming to be officers

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Police have released video of three armed men kicking down the door to a home in Gwinnett County claiming to be officers.

It happened at a home on Lakebrook Run in Gwinnett County in the middle of the night of April 19. The video is a little hard to make out at times, but police said the gunmen were yelling “hands up, Gwinnett County Police.”

According to the police report, the three gunmen stormed the home, waking up the family of three. The father ran downstairs and was "pistol whipped" by the criminals, while his wife and son locked themselves in a room upstairs, police said.

Not long after, an alarm went off and the victim can be heard yelling for help.

During the getaway, police said one of the men saw the son trying to escape out an upstairs window and fired a shot. Miraculously, the mother and son were not hurt.

The father was treated at the scene for a gash on his forehead.

Police said the robbers were demanding money but got away with little to nothing.

The crew is still on the run and police are hoping someone may recognize the men, or possibly their voices.