VIDEO: Man jumps on top of cop car

It is something not seen every day. Two police cruisers stopped in the middle of the highway, officers surrounding one, talking to the man who jumped on the car's roof. It was that bizarre sight Wednesday afternoon that made one driver stop and take out her phone to record that video.

Alicia Brown couldn't believe the encounter she came across Wednesday afternoon as she was driving along Interstate 285 near the Riverdale Road exit. Clayton County police officers were trying to talk a man down from the roof of an unmarked patrol car parked in the middle of the interstate.

“The whole thing going on in my mind was I was just hoping they didn't shoot him in front of his like I said we was like literally not even 10 feet away from the whole thing,” said Brown.

Concerned about how this encounter would end, Brown started recording with her cell phone as the man kept pacing around the top of the Impala. Clayton County Police told FOX 5 News, an off-duty detective on his way to police headquarters spotted the 23-year-old man walking westbound in the eastbound lanes just after noon. When the detective tried to approach the man and convince him to get off of the highway, police said the man jumped on top of the car. He was already standing on the roof by the time Miss Brown pulled up behind the officer's vehicle.

“You know he didn't want to get down,” said Brown. “No, I couldn’t [hear anything], but you could tell he was, you know, pointing at the officers asking them all and on telling them to come on but you know they remained calm the whole time,” said Brown.

At one point, the video shows the officer in uniform, with his back to Brown's camera, point what appears to be a stun gun at the man. But authorities said the officers were able to distract the man, grab his feet, and take him down without any resistance or injuries.

“Their actions prove that you know, there are some good cops out here that they don't just want to kill everybody,” said Brown.

No charges were filed Wednesday. The man was in custody being evaluated.