VIDEO: Gwinnett County Deputy and 3 inmates stop suicide attempt

Three Gwinnett County Jail inmates and a Gwinnett County Sheriff's deputy are being praised after they stopped an inmate from committing suicide Thursday. 

According to the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, an inmate assigned to an upstairs room put a sheet around his neck and then another sheet to the handrail. Another inmate saw him and alerted Deputy F. Gracia. 

The Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office released video of incident Friday. 

Deputy Gracia went to stop the inmate, but he had help as three other inmates stepped in. All four were able to hold the man's body weight, and ultimately prevent the suicide attempt. The inmate then ran towards the stairs in an attempt to jump to the first floor, but the inmates and the deputy stopped him.

The inmate was sent to the medical unit for monitoring. 

Gwinnett County Sheriff Conway approved a care package for the inmates who were involved in the rescue.