Video: Ala. bank robbery suspects arrested in Ga. after wild chase

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Three bank robbery suspects, who were on the run from Ranburne, Alabama, have been taken into custody in Georgia following a chase which crossed state lines.

A lookout was posted for the suspects after the alleged bank robbery, and authorities in Carrollton spotted the car they were driving. A sharped-eye patrol spotted the car moments after hearing the “be on the lookout” alert. The officer quickly verified the car's tag and began to chase.

Carrollton Police officer and Troopers with the Georgia State Patrol soon also picked up on the trail of the suspected getaway car along the Carrollton Bypass. Troopers said units tried the PIT maneuver trice on the car once it turned north onto Georgia Highway 166, but the driver was able to pull out of both.

The pursuit ended at the Wren's Body Shop on Triangle Court. Troopers said four people ran away from the car, at least three were armed.

"They tried to execute a pit maneuver a couple of times. We ended up getting the car stopped in the parking lot of a body shop, um, the subjects fled on foot, after a short chase we were able to apprehend all four," said Captain Shannon Cantrell with the Carrollton Police Department.

Eyewitness video exclusively obtained by FOX 5 News shows the moments after authorities stopped the car.

"It was nuts, there were state patrol officers rushing in, driving through the median," said witness Shelby Brantley.

The foot pursuit took police to a nearby neighborhood. Another eyewitness shared this video of police with guns drawn, taking the other suspects into custody.

“The cops came in so hot, I mean he brushed by my driveway here when I was pulling out, so I was like, ‘I am not going anywhere with all these cops coming up’” the witness said.

Trooper said they were able to take all four of the car’s occupants into custody.

Brantley works nearby and grabbed her phone as police continued to swarm the area.

"There were at least 25 cops out here, people swarming," said Brantley.

"We know we got a couple of firearms from them, and there was cash in the woods in the vicinity of the area where we captured one of the guys," said Capt. Cantrell.

Investigators said they found money believed to be taken during the bank robbery. The car was also impounded. But investigators are searching for a possible fourth firearm.

All four suspects were booked into the Carroll County Jail. Their names have not yet been released.